The Reinstatement of Queen Victoria back at Victoria Square.

A CLEANED and buffed Queen Victoria will return to her throne in the heart of the city this week.

The bronze statue was removed in May as part of the Victoria Square redevelopment.

Artlab conservators took the opportunity to check her condition, while staff at Heritage Stone Restorations have been working on her granite plinth.

Artlab conservation project manager Abby Maxwell-Bowen said Queen Victoria was generally in good condition when she was removed from the Square, due to conservation work and a wax coating applied by Artlab in 2005, when the statue was lifted from her pedestal for the first time in 100 years.

This time around she has been washed, to remove a light build-up of pollution, and her coating replenished with hot wax applied with the help of a blow torch.

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The final part of the process involves buffing her surface to a gentle shine.

“It’s not about trying to make her look like new,” Ms Maxwell-Brown said.

“It’s about presenting her in the way the artist would have intended.”

An Adelaide City Council spokeswoman said wet conditions forecast for the week made it impossible to nominate an exact day for the Queen’s return.

However, she said she would definitely be back in position slightly north of her previous location, in the middle of the east-west road through the square, by Sunday.

Adelaide City Council is spending $28 million upgrading Victoria Square .

The northern and central sections will be ready for the Tour Down Under in January.

A refurbished Three Rivers Fountain is also on track for reinstallation at the southern end of Victoria Square early next year.










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